Bike Accidents and In Fiore Balm

I took up a new sport recently, bought myself an extravagant birthday gift, a carbon-fiber TREK road bike, and became a cyclist-in-training.

Since I no longer own a car, biking seemed like a great way to get around and have weekend adventures on breathtaking back roads around the Bay Area. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and explore my dream of doing a century ride (100 miles) through Marin or Big Sur.

While I am known for big dreams, unfortunately, my visions of Lance Armstrong riding up beside me, telling me I had great form and asking me if I wanted to ride with him, came to a screeching halt when I had a close encounter with a cement wall a week ago.

At that tail end of a 50 mile biking weekend around Marin County with my good friend, Jessica, I had a nasty crash.


We had just taken a yoga class to tend to our sore muscles, still adjusting to biking long distances. Biking home, we crossed a narrow path on a cement bridge (that I should have been, as the signs suggested, walking my bike on). On the downhill section of the bridge I had problems with my left foot clipping into my pedal (clip-ins, by the way, are the main cause of falls for new bikers).

You guessed it, I bit the dust. But before I landed squarely on my rear, I managed to slide along the cement wall. My mouth hit first then my chest, which was clad only in a yoga tank top. I got road rash and deep abrasions from my nose, upper lip, chin all the way down my chest and a gash on my left hip. I am blessed that I didn’t break my nose or lose any teeth. I thank my lucky stars.

But, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t pretty and after a full day in bed, I was on a mission to make sure my ghastly scabs didn’t become scars.

Just over a week later, my face is seriously, almost magically, back to normal with only a slight amount of pinkness. Here’s what worked for me…


Get Your Rest

Sleep and relaxation is key so your body can focus on healing.

Homeopathic Remedies
Arnica and Rescue Remedy should be taken for shock and pain. When you feel better, you heal faster.

Drink Lots of Fluids
Your body must be hydrated internally to heal externally. What you do on the inside supports what happens on the outside. It’s just that simple. Drink lots of water, herbal tea to hydrate and pineapple juice for extra healing enzymes.

Get enough vitamins internally. I took two packets of Emergen-C per day.

Keep it Clean and Dry
Until the wounds dry out, keep them clean and uncovered as much as possible and only apply antibiotic cream at this point. Minimizing the possibility of infection is critical for speedy healing.

Hydration and Regeneration

Once the wounds are drying out, apply In Fiore’s Fleur Vibrante to hydrate and regenerate your skin. Alternately, between applications of Fleur Vibrante, apply Aloe Vera gel (100% pure only). Once the scabs begin to fall off, continue to apply Fleur Vibrante at least once a day and at night.

Protect New Skin

Wear sunscreen on the new skin which is extra sensitive and more likely to hyper-pigment.

Be healed,


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06 Aug 2008
Carrie Stone, CMT

I am seriously out of the loop. I had no idea you had taken such a fall. I am thankful that you had the presence of mind to care so thoroughly for yourself and share your remedies with us. Taking time to care for ourselves and rest are the hardest things for my clients (and myself) to do. Thorough physical rehabilitation and energetic re-balancing after any injury ensures that we have more endurance and enthusiasm to play later. I will definitely share this blog with my clients and friends. Cheers, Carrie


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