Yoga Student + Staff member of the Month

This month, we’re featuring two yogis both find inspiration in images and nature: Christie Matheson, a dedicated IO yogi whose eats veggie sushi post yoga and Haley Mannix, a photography student and an IO Front Desk team member, who loves to cook with healing and whole foods.

Next time you see them in class, say hello!

NAME Christie Matheson
PROFESSION Writer and illustrator
YOUR IDEA OF HAPPINESS Swimming in the ocean with my family (on the east coast in the summer—not in SF!)
TEACHERS WHO INSPIRE Allie Edison (of IO; one of the kindest people I’ve ever met) and David Magone (founder of Pranavayu)
FAVORITE WRITERS So hard to choose. E.B. White, Harper Lee, Mary Oliver
FAVORITE ARTISTS Also hard to choose. Eric Carle, Ian Falconer, Sabra Field, J.J. Sempe
HEROES Jane Goodall, teachers and nurses and doctors
SUPER-HERO TALENT Remembering dates and random details
FAVORITE TRIP My honeymoon in Bhutan
IDEAL SUNDAY A long run, a nap, a “hike” with my kiddos, time to read the paper
5 THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY Hearing my 2-year-old laugh and my almost-4-year-old sing (and vice versa), a good night of sleep, dinner with friends, another good night of sleep
FAVORITE YOGA POSE Ardha Chandrasana
OFF-THE-MAT PASSIONS My family, running (source of tight hips and hamstrings on the mat), children’s books, writing, making pictures, being outside
MANTRA Be grateful

NAME Haley Mannix
HOMETOWN St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA
YEARS IN SF Almost 4
PROFESSION Photography student, IO front desk
IDEA OF HAPPINESS Being around family and my beloved animals
TEACHERS WHO INSPIRE YOU Nature, Travel, and Light
FAVORITE WRITERS Milan Kundera, Jane Austen, Heman Hesse
FAVORITE ARTISTS Group F/64 photographers, my peers, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bonobo, Zero 7, Air, Massive Attack
FAVORITE TRIP The year I called Barcelona home, and the many travels within that time
FAVORITE POSE Child’s pose and sun salutations
HERO My Dad. He’s my best friend and I will always strive to be the kind of human he is
5 THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY Autumn, Fog and rain, jazz, developing film, Point Reyes and Big Sur
IDEAL SUNDAY (aka Saturday) Watch the sunrise, yoga, breakfast and brunch, farmer’s market, an adventure up or down the coast and through the mountains, homemade dinner and early to bed.
OFF-THE-MAT PASSIONS Cooking with whole and healing foods, exploring the city and nature, music I love, finding the light
MANTRA “Let go…”

For more tidbits on Christie and Haley, read their complete profiles on the yoga board located outside of the studio. For our complete IO yoga schedule, please visit our yoga schedule here.

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