Spa Staff


Jennifer P. Bautista has been practicing massage therapy since 1998. She attended The Academy of Healing Arts in Lake Worth, FL to receive her massage therapy education. She has trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular, acupressure and Reiki. She feels blessed to have had a very diverse career ranging from physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care, wellness and prevention, spa and hospice care. She finds massage to be an important part of an wellness in all phases of life. Jennifer believes a massage should strike the balance between therapeutic and nurturing and be tailored to your needs, taking into consideration injuries, areas of chronic tension, stress level and desired pressure. Jennifer is also an acupuncturist from the state of Florida, currently seeking acupuncture licensure in California. CA Massage Permit #11153

Agustina Brooks-Church started her journey into the art of bodywork after graduating from the Physical Theatre School in her native town of Santiago, Chile. It was there where she realized that the body is the primordial vehicle of life and our best guidance. Agustina has been a Yoga Teacher and an Intuitive Massage Therapist since 2000. She has traveled to India multiple times to learn from the roots of yoga. A graduate from the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork, currently immersed in the Trager Approach Program, she specializes in therapeutic massage that will address your specifics concerns, integrating modalities like, Shiatsu, Trigger point, Deep tissue, Thai Yoga Massage and classic Swedish relaxation. SF Massage Permit #08927

Maureen Dooley has been playing massage since a young girl, and practicing professionally since 2005. She was trained at the McKinnon Institute in Oakland, CA and the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage in Vancouver, BC. Maureen believes in deep but gentle work, and intends to bring profound relaxation to her clients. Her bodywork is infused with her past and present studies of yoga, dance, mindfulness and anatomy and physiology. While not practicing massage at IO she is studying to be a nurse, running around in the great outdoors, cooking and crafting away, and dreaming up means and manners of global adventures. Her belief is that the creation of sanctuary is incredibly and powerfully healing. SF Massage Permit #09212

Michelle Dooley has a client centered massage style and intention, treating each session as sacred. She likes to incorporate a lot of stretching within a Swedish/Esalen style massage, working a client’s full body while using deeper work (deep tissue or pressure points) to focus on areas of concern. Michelle also incorporates energy work into every session. She really likes to work with clients who are using massage as a tool to work towards a personal goal, whether that be to deepen their meditation practice, yoga practice, training for a triathlon, or just be more present in their life and body. Michelle has been practicing massage since 1999, studying at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, and has continued her education at San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork. CA Massage Permit #58548

Cristina Fernandez a native of Spain, found her way to bodywork through years of yoga study and practice. She has completed extensive studies beginning in 2007 with a variety of teachers in Europe and India. Finding significant value in the therapeutic relationship of individual therapy she also participated in a training with Yoga for Cancer which she found very rewarding. Newly arrived to the US, she recently completed course work at McKinnon Institute to become a massage therapist. Her work is guided by a natural sensitivity as well as her in depth knowledge of body mechanics. She currently devotes her time to a daily Ashtanga yoga practice, spending time with family and friends, learning the piano, and exploring her new home in San Francisco. CA Massage Permit #106562

Sean Foley has been a practicing massage therapist and health educator since 2009. Having received a comprehensive education from the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco, his love of learning is mirrored only by the desire to help others heal. Sean became a therapist for a number of reasons, including his belief that there is no delineation between the mind and body; That the sum of all emotional experiences are held in the entirety of our musculature, not simply in the memories of our brain. And also that Western culture still reels for post-Victorian era concepts, such as the belief that touch/massage is a luxury rather than a necessity. Sean specializes in a Swedish/Deep Tissue combo, his massage also includes influences from Acupressure, Thai Massage and Sports Therapy. Your session can range from being a relaxing, mental vacation to an intensive focus on specific issues. CA Massage Permit #25601

Oscar Hernandez is a Certified Massage Therapist and specializes in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, and Hot Stone Massage. He has a very strong background in massage therapy. His grandmother, father, and mother are all massage therapists, making him a third generation massage therapist! He has been giving and receiving massages since he was a kid. He graduated from National Holistic Institute school of massage in 2010. Since then, he has done massages in every type of massage environment you can imagine: spas, chiropractic offices, corporate offices, sporting events, homes, and even chair massages at flea markets. He has developed a strong technique and more importantly he has developed the ability to adapt, customize, and focus all efforts to his clients’ needs. He also has a lifelong athletic background, playing sports including soccer, football, swimming, and weightlifting. Naturally he took a special interest in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, which are now his modality specialties. He has worked with many athletes and continues to do so on a regular basis. Although he specializes in these two modalities, he also gives great relaxing massages for people only looking to de-stress and relax. CA Massage Permit #25112

Heather Hughes began her wellness career at IO while gaining her BA at SFSU. During her time on the front desk she was exposed to, and inspired by, all we had to offer including skilled staff, our beautiful aesthetic and top-of-line products. After moving to get married, start a family and find a career, she decided that massage was her true calling. After gaining certification at San Francisco School of Massage, she returned to IO and began working on the massage team. Heather embraces all forms of healing and lives a holistic and natural way of life. She has practiced with world-renowned deep tissue expert Art Riggs and continues to practice and learn from her amazing coworkers. Her strongest attributes are her natural way of nurturing clients and being very approachable. These, combined with our signature IO massage, will have your body slip into deep relaxation. SF Massage Permit #09265

Jamie Jonas loves to listen to the body, and every massage session is a unique conversation. The guiding principle in Jamie’s work is a desire for all people to be whole and functional and free of discomfort. She enjoys the use of deep structural therapies – such as trigger point therapy, myofacial release and gentle rocking – to re-educate the body to its natural flow and movement. Play is very important to the health of our being, and Jamie often uses play in her own life as a form of healing. She is a trained hypnotherapist, and also has a background in live theater. She is fascinated with the mind-body connection and uses her knowledge of massage, hypnotherapy and playful movement to explore the healing relationship between the mind and body. She has been practicing bodywork since 2005, and is a graduate of the International School of Healing Arts in San Diego, where she received her 1,000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner certification. She has also been employed as a massage instructor, and enjoys educating both therapists and clients on working in partnership with their bodies, to create more comfort and ease in their everyday lives. CA Massage Permit #00711

Scott Moore began his massage interest in high school. As the manager for the girls volleyball and basketball teams, he first learned how the benefits of massage and stretching techniques aided his player’s performance, as well as decreased recuperation time. Holding onto that knowledge, he became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2006 from the Red Mountain Institute of the Healing Arts in Alabama. Through continuing his education, Scott is adept in trigger point therapy along with energy work. His bodywork is an integrative adaptation of deep tissue, neuromuscular and trigger point that returns the muscle to it’s original resting state while relaxing the entire body. CA Massage Permit #32821

Jenny Nicol grew up on a farm in Scotland and feels incredibly lucky to have been brought up surrounded by nature. Her childhood followed by time working on organic farms in Spain and in the biodynamic medicinal gardens of Weleda, led her on a path to holistic healing. She saw the move to California as the perfect opportunity to embark on her career in massage. Jenny studied at McKinnon School in Oakland where she trained in Swedish, Touch for Chronic Illness, Tui Na, Sports and Clinical Deep Tissue. The later gave her a good grounding in pathologies and anatomy allowing her to target holding patterns in the body using Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Muscle Energy Techniques. Her comfortable presence and nurturing touch allows her deep work to also be calming and deeply relaxing. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage or are recovering from an injury, Jenny listens to the client and provides intuitive and personalized care to facilitate the body’s own healing. In her spare time she loves to cycle and explore the bay area. She plans to broaden her knowledge with Acupressure and Shiatsu in the near future. CA Massage Permit #61666

Adrianne Oswalt, LAc., has been immersed in various forms of holistic healing. She has extensive education in acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and herbal medicine, as well as massage and yoga. Her practice hinges on the understanding that the body has an inherent, intuitive knowledge to guide itself to overall wellness and healthy being. Coming from a background of dance and yoga, Adrianne incorporates other modalities in combination with massage and Chinese Medicine to help your body find its internal health. A massage session with Adrianne is inspired by Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Shiatsu techniques, and always includes some energy work. Regardless of the style of treatment, Adrianne’s goal is to help you find your path to healing and to feel whole in your body. LAc. Permit #16255

Sarah Pedlow has been practicing bodywork since completing her 1,000 hour certification at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, Ithaca, NY, in 2005. An interest in alternative health and thinking about bodywork as a meditation led her to follow a path in the healing arts. Her work combines Swedish, Connective Tissue, elements of Shiatsu, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Reiki level II to assist the body’s natural healing process and return a sense of wholeness. She enjoys employing gentle to firm techniques to address injuries and patterns of holding. Clients have commented on her intuitive, deeply listening presence and healing hands. Sarah holds a BA in Studio Art and French Studies from Scripps College, Claremont, CA, and an MFA in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. In addition to her work at IO, she’s starting a textile business working with international artisans. She views massage as an extension of her creative practice. CA Massage Permit #37004

Jeff Pontillo has over 1500 hours of professional training in Neuromuscular Therapy, Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Shiatsu. He received his initial certification at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1996. In addition he has a degree in Psychology from the Evergreen State College where he created an independent study program in Somatics and Transpersonal approaches to bodywork. He then went on to study Hanna Somatics, Yoga Therapy, the Feldenkrais method and the Alexander technique at Antioch University in Seattle at the Master’s level. Jeff has engaged a consistent and committed meditation practice for more than twenty years. He began a consistent practice of Yoga in 1995. Jeff has attended levels I and II of Richard Freeman’s Teacher Training Intensives. Classical Ashtanga is Jeff’s foundational practice and study. His aim in the therapeutic setting is to help clients connect with their innate ease and freedom. He works intensively to facilitate sensory-motor awareness to release long standing patterns of trauma, pain, and/or immobility. His working hypothesis is that pain and restriction in the body are simply unnecessary byproducts of degenerative, chronic patterns of misalignment. Whether you are looking to simply relax, speed recovery time between exercise, or become free from aches and pain, Jeff can tailor a custom session to meet your needs. CA Massage Permit #36606

Lisa Souza has dedicated her life to facilitate others in their health and wellbeing. Helping people as a whole; Body, Mind, and Spirit. She has chosen Massage Therapy as a tool in hopes to reach out to all who need assistance in healing. Lisa has been energetically drawn to alternative therapies since she was a child, though her massage journey began in 2002. Since then it has blossomed into a full time passion, leading her to study other avenues of holistic health care such as healing through nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, and herbal and homeopathic remedies. Lisa tends to her own garden of medicinal herbs, and seasonal vegetables, where she makes a variety herbal tinctures, salves, and flower essences. Lisa combines Reiki, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Stretching into her sessions and she is also trained in Bowen Pain Relief Therapy, and BodyTalk Therapy. CA Massage Permit #39426

Liz Walton has been a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor since 1997. She signed up for massage school in Austin, Texas after receiving her first massage. Liz tailors each session to the person and their physical concerns on that day and tries make each experience unique. Her forte is providing massage therapy for people in unconventional settings such as at music venues and festivals, on site movie locations and tattoo shops. She has worked with Riverdance, at Lollapalooza, and toured with many of the best known modern performers in the world. Liz is also teacher in training at Mckinnon Massage School in Oakland. In her free time Liz enjoys riding bicycles, painting, playing guitar and meditation. She is working on developing a series of yoga for cyclists. CA Massage Permit #59932

Monk Wellington started his bodywork journey after 10 years studying and practicing dance. His goal became to combine physical, philosophical and energetic focus to his practice of both dance and bodywork as he studied at the National Holistic Institute. Energy work is always a part of his massage as a Reiki Level 1 practitioner. Monk’s bodywork includes several modalities working in combination to give the body what it needs. These modalities include, Thai massage, shiatsu, deep tissue, myofascial and Swedish . Monk’s treatments are deeply relaxing in the spiritual sense yet powerfully effective in the physical sense. Intention, intuition and great communication guide clients through his sessions. SF Massage Permit #02727

Amanda Wong began her interest in massage during high school and continued through college. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a major in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Sociology, she moved to San Francisco to become a certified massage therapist. She studied at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts. The World School has given her so many tools to understand and heal herself, and it is her joy to share those skills with others. Amanda combines a blend of swedish, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, and trigger point therapies in order to help clients find relief in their bodies. She specializes in Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy, which uses fluid, active (rather than passive) techniques to clear blockages held in muscles or joints. This therapy may also include discussing issues in clients’ lives. By examining the stories they tell about themselves, Amanda and her clients discover how those stories might create a pattern of dis-ease within the body. With the use of conscious language, she coaches her clients to adopt healthier mindsets, which in turn leads to healthier bodies. She also loves to use chakra balancing to calm client’s minds and help them achieve more restful sleep. Amanda chooses to be a body worker because she feels most alive when making deep connections with others. She is committed to a holistic lifestyle and she believes in the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. Her goal is to help clients find more ease, comfort, clarity and joy in their bodies, minds, and souls. CA Massage Permit #59078

Kala Wright has been practicing massage therapy since completing her certification in 2003 from The World School of Massage and Advanced Healing in San Francisco, CA. On the healing path for over a decade, she began her studies in earnest after receiving bodywork while in treatment for cancer, where she witnessed firsthand the powerful combination of healing touch and full presence to re-align, heal, and deeply transform mind, body and spirit. Deeply committed to offering to others what she herself received, she began both her career as a Massage Therapist and a life-long study in the myriad ways in which we can create balance, wholeness, flow, and vibrant health in our bodies and on every level of our being. Kala combines a wealth of modalities (among them firm Swedish, Vibrational Healing (VHMT), Reiki level II, elements of Shiatsu, Thai, Acupressure and Reflexology) along with somatic and multidimensional awareness, in order to fully address each client’s unique needs as the session unfolds. Her fluid, rhythmic bodywork style has been described as intuitive, nurturing, effective for pain and stress-relief, integrative, and deeply relaxing. A firm believer in the saying “the body never lies”, Kala treats each session as an opportunity to listen to the truth your body has to share. SF Massage Permit #00930


Eleanor Bagley grew up in the rural holistic environment of West Marin, where health and natural beauty are a central part of the community. From her influential upbringing Eleanor has become a passionate advocate of skin care and a healthy lifestyle. Growing up in the restaurant business and finding the relation between food and the benefits of bio-dynamically farmed ingredients for skincare products has always been an interest. Eleanor began her journey to becoming a master esthetician and a CIDESCO trained diplomat certified by Zurich Switzerland. Trained in the latest beauty regimes, ingredients and alternative practices, such as manual lymphatic drainage. With her true beliefs in the science behind skin care, gaining knowledge and continuing a certified education in cosmetic ingredients and aromatherapy has become a huge part of her practice. Eleanor educates her clients on proper skin regimes for skin issues as well as maintaining a beautiful long lasting complexion from the inside out. With a true intuitive and nurturing nature Eleanor provides just the right amount of care, relaxation and technicalities into every treatment for every clients needs. Providing a balance between nature and science Eleanor is bound to put you on the right track to achieving your skincare goals. CA Permit #Z85252

Anna Crowley is passionate about esthetics, practicing with intuition, passion, and a strongly educated knowledge base. Coming from the Aveda Institute, she believes in a holistically minded approach towards skin care and has pursued her passion for esthetics with integrity and excitement since 2005. After gaining knowledge and experience through various spas and forms of practice, including Medical Esthetics, Anna is happily returning to her original passion and belief of a more organic, hands-on, result oriented approach. She believes in the efficacy of products and their active ingredients and aims to share her knowledge with her clients. Her goal is to not just work on clients, but to work with them to encourage their skin to be as healthy and radiant as it can. Allow Anna to pamper you while awakening your skin’s amazing potential. CA Permit #Z61533

Zoe Faber has always had a passion for skincare, and believes in a holistic, natural approach to health, wellness and beauty. Having battled skin concerns herself, Zoe offers years of personal experience, knowledge, and compassion. She has a gentle yet effective approach, nurturing and meticulously caring for the specific needs of each client’s skin. Her goal is to provide clients with extraordinary service and the feeling of being radiantly beautiful. An enthusiast about ingredient efficacy, Zoe is able to to help clients choose appropriate at-home care to achieve their skincare goals with long-lasting results. She believes that simple can be effective, in both ingredients and a skincare regimen. Zoe was trained and licensed in San Francisco and has worked in the spa industry since 2010. CA Permit #Z104583

Jennifer Gallegos is the IO Esthetics Manager and has provided purposeful, meticulous care since 2002. Her warm, intuitive style puts clients immediately at ease and has earned her a loyal, long-term following. Through trust-filled relationships, Jennifer helps guide clients through the changing needs of their skin and achieve glowing results. Having co-developed her own line of products, Preserve Skincare, Jennifer is an expert in product knowledge and has a passion for providing preventative and corrective treatments and home-care. She is a master of brow design and facial toning massage, and loves to perform advanced peels. Her clients claim that she has healing hands that melt away tension and a knack for getting problematic skin back on track. She provides a holistic approach to skin care, not only examining the face, but the bigger picture as well, including nutrition and lifestyle. Jennifer continues to develop an outstanding esthetics program at IO, and leads an inspiring group of talented estheticians. CA Permit #Z38287

Yolanda Porrata creates an unforgettable spa experience with passion, creativity and a love for all things beautiful. She is an experienced esthetician with an exceptional gift for cultivating genuine relationships with her clients. Listening carefully to their needs and concerns, she is able to make well-informed recommendations and provide outstanding service. Yolanda thrives on providing the appropriate atmosphere, from the quiet and grounded facial to the great sense of humor and confidence during waxing. She’ll make you feel safe and at ease even while receiving her highly reputed Brazilian bikini wax. Growing up in the beautiful wilds of West Marin, Yolanda’s appreciation for the natural world has given her a holistic approach to skin care. She believes that the health of this planet depends on each and every one of us. These core beliefs and her commitment to educating her clients on their best choices in skincare are evident from the beginning and keep loyal client’s coming back for more. CA Permit #Z63617

Ashley Smith grew up in Utah where in her teens she began struggling with acne. Although the skin disease proved troubling, it began a lifelong interest and passion for understanding health and skincare. Ashley began her career in the medical spa setting working for prominent dermatologists in Northern and Southern California. She brings a results oriented approach to her work at International Orange. Ashley loves listening to her client’s stories, struggles and successes while in the room. She is a warm and intuitive esthetician who strives to make the spa treatment an opportunity for her clients to fully relax while achieving beautiful skin. CA Permit #Z70821

Rahnie Smith is dedicated to helping clients maximize their potential for beautiful, radiant skin and is thrilled to have found her home here at IO. After four years of freelancing as a makeup artist in New York City, she returned to San Francisco in 2009. She is delighted to be back to her roots in the Bay Area and back to her passion for skin. Working with the belief that skin health directly relates to one’s overall state and well-being, Rahnie loves to design whole regimens for her clients and to assist them in fine tuning their current skin care routines. She delivers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, helping clients feel comfortable and confident with the skin they’re in! CA Permit #Z48373

Christy Swenson began her esthetics career in 2012 after 16 years as a body-worker and trainer. Growing up in Alaska, she was drawn to work in warmer climates, including many top spas and traveling with exclusive clientele. Christy enjoys the opportunity to use high quality products that are organic and hand made as she creates a loving space for clients on their journey of healing body and skin. She is an advocate for keeping your skin routine simple, clean, fresh and ritualistic. Teaching clients how to best care of their skin comes naturally to this seasoned teacher and trainer. Christy teaches anatomy, physiology, massage and esthetics at the Aveda Institute for the international advanced certification program Cidesco and is also a yoga instructor. Before joining the esthetics team, Christy worked as one of the lead massage therapists and trainers at International Orange from 2005-2013. CA Permit #Z99882

Karen Waage began practicing esthetics in 2005. Growing up in the Santa Cruz area she developed her driving passion for organic and holistic beauty and lifestyle practices, making it a natural fit for her to find a home at International Orange. Her second passion is for travel. Karen is constantly growing her knowledge base and enriching her treatments by incorporating the beauty rituals she has experienced around the world. Karen believes in customizing and tailoring each session to treat your individual and changing skin concerns and needs, along with designing a specific home care ritual to keep your skin looking its best! CA Permit #Z61717

Cheri Wong is a Bay Area native. She was drawn to esthetics as it combined her holistic approach to life with her background in art and design. She loves the interactive, hands-on aspect of skincare, whether it is in the detailed work in shaping brows or promoting healthy, radiant skin. Her Aveda Institute training and intuitive nature allows her to easily connect with clients and ensure they receive services customized to their specific needs. Her goal is to reveal the skins natural balance and beauty and educate her clients on how to maintain it with a simple, yet effective routine. She is known for her relaxing touch and enjoys incorporating different techniques to create a unique sensory experience. CA Permit #Z94175