We’ve been hard at work on a custom offering. Created just-for you.

On November 15, you’ll meet our New IO Private Yoga Practice + Studio.

IO no longer will offer group class yoga instruction. Yoga at IO will be one-on-one instruction in our signature sunlit studio. Expect the same level of expert yoga – now just when you need it and want it.

Your Practice, Your Schedule

The new IO Private Yoga will be a highly individualized practice dedicated to you. It is a comprehensive program custom created by your yoga instructor who will guide you through either one session or a series of sessions, evolving to your daily needs.

The private yoga program will be led by a team of inspiring, dedicated and informed yoga instructors.

Session Length + Pricing

Each session will be 60 minutes in length and is $125 per session. Easy for you to drop in, drop down and float out.


As a Private Yoga client, you will have full access to our spa amenities: steam, shower, deck and relaxation lounge with refreshments.

From our treatment rooms to the yoga studio – IO is making the world well, one person at a time. We welcome you to join us in the transformation.
Join us on Sunday, November 2 for a FREE yoga all day as we celebrate this transition. Free yoga, CAN CAN Cleanse juice and wellness for all. All November 2 classes will follow out regular Sunday schedule.