Getting Started

Welcome to IO Private Yoga. We’re here to help you build a bridge to your better side.
Getting started is often the hardest part. Improved health and well-being are within reach. It will take some hard work and dedication on your part, but we’re here to guide you along the way.

We have a range of dedicated and passionate private yoga instructors who work with absolute beginners, expecting mothers, recovering athletes, advanced yogis, and everyone in between.

Some of you will come fresh from running Crissy Field, while others may not have had a regular exercise routine in years. Either way, no matter. We’re ready to lead you through your own individualized practice, held in our intimate, sunlit and serene Fillmore Street yoga studio.

We’re here to pair you with the best instructor.
Visit our Instructors page to learn about our team. Then stop by, submit a request online, or give us a call at (415) 563-5000 to set up your your first session. We can also answer questions you might have regarding instructor styles and/or availability.

Ready to give IO Private Yoga a try?
For your first visit, we recommend arriving to the studio 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with our studio and introduce yourself to the instructor.

Get ready to feel good.
There’s a reason why yoga is a beloved practice. See for yourself why so many students leave feeling revitalized and renewed.

Finally, here are a few more guidelines to help your practice:
· Arrive 15 minutes before your session to check in and prepare for your session
· Turn off your cell phone and remove your shoes before entering the studio
· Notify your instructor of any injuries, illnesses, or pregnancy
· Wear comfortable, form-fitting workout clothing and bring layers
· Don’t forget to steam post-yoga (toxins, be gone)
· Practice often! The more you practice, the more you will see results

What can I do with my unused yoga class cards?
Any remaining dollar amount may be used toward any IO spa treatment, private yoga session, retail product or gift certificate (no expiration date) for yourself or a friend.