“I have been going to International Orange for over 10 years for yoga and there’s no place that fills my soul like IO. It’s a lovely studio with well-qualified and enormously kind, yet challenging, teachers. I think IO has the perfect combination of a pleasant physical environment, skilled teaching, and a peaceful and caring atmosphere. I love the time I spend there, and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great yoga experience. My time spent there has and continues to improve so many aspects of my life.”   Guryan Tighe

“The instructors at IO Yoga are as attentive as I have ever seen, both looking after their students and encouraging them to play with their practices. That, on top of vigorous and balanced classes, makes it difficult to practice anywhere else.”   John Carney

“International Orange not only has a beautiful yoga space but also a beautiful community of teachers, staff members and fellow yoga practitioners. Truly a wonderful place to practice yoga in San Francisco!”   Ughetta Manzone

“I came to IO’s yoga studio to try and overcome a bad back. Not only do I find relief from my back pain but I also found relief from the craziness of every day life. I look forward to my IO classes to unplug, be inspired and just breathe.”   Troy Valdez

“I am so grateful that I found yoga at IO when I moved to San Francisco. Every teacher has a unique style and all are amazing, guiding their students with compassion, warmth, knowledge and spirit. I am always learning and deepening my practice, and I love that any class can be as challenging or as nurturing as my body needs that day.”   Holly Foster

“I had never practiced yoga before coming to IO and the teachers have always made the classes a comfortable setting for beginners while challenging me to push myself within the class. I go to IO because the teachers work with me to help me make the adjustments I need to make throughout the class. I am not very flexible through the hips and hamstrings and IO teachers help me to adjust the postures so that I get the most out each practice. After only a few months of practice my strength, flexibility, balance, and focus have greatly improved.”   Ben Jones

“I’m pretty sure I found my sanity and it’s located at IO on Sundays at 6pm. One of the best Restorative classes I’ve ever taken. Ridiculously relaxing and my mind didn’t wander in the class as it usually does with other Restorative classes … I left wanting more and that never happens.”   Meredith R.